land for sale Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kotor Varoš, أرض

25 €
  • 45000 m²
عقار لـ
نوع الأرض
بناء الكثير
قدم مربعة
45000 m²
نشرت من قبل
Bosnia and Herzegovina
الدولة / المنطقة / المحافظة
Republika Srpska
Kotor Varoš
رخصة بناء
نعم فعلا
تصريح الموقع
نعم فعلا
شهادة ملكية
نعم فعلا
معلومات اضافية
بنية التحتية
  • ماء
  • كهرباء
مع وصول السيارة
  • سيارة

معلومات اضافية
Eco Centre `Luke` is located approximately 2 km away from Kotor Varos and 30 km away from the city of Banja Luka, in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Eco Centre(45.000 m2) is still under development, surrounding it is the small mountain river called `Jakotina`, at which location this river has the firsthand experience with civilisation and if you were to follow the river to its spring you would have penetrate 20 km of inaccessible mountain canyon, therefore it is protected from any sort of pollution and human influence.
The river is extremely clean and pollution free, amongst other things capable to support river trout and river crab.
Researches from the wildlife and environmental protection institution have confirmed that this very river is occupied by the indigenous species of fish only known to live in extremely clean and crisp waters.
Eco Centre `Luke` land complex is surrounded by the beautiful mountain range rich in woodland`s variety of flora and fauna.
Eco Centre `Luke` is designed to be sports and recreational centre fulfilling all of the necessary requirements, for example: restaurant, accommodation capacity that includes bungalows, followed by the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children`s playground, tennis court, mini golf, woodland promenade and recreational path and various other outdoor activities.
Eco Centre `Luke` development is regulated or in other words covered by the Regulatory Plan adopted by the local community`s relevant institutions. Up to this point numerous material and financial resources were invested in this development, therefore prior to the opening riverside has been cleared of natural debris like shrubs, bushes or small trees and enriched with the riverbed rocks covering the surface are over 1.700 m2.
It also includes two stone made bridges, a terrace hovering directly above the crisp water, designated section of the river for swimming purposes only, fully functional children`s outdoor pool, developed Arbors and designated places for barbecue or in other words locations for relaxation.
Surrounding mountains are hiding some of the most beautiful paths suitable for walking, quad biking, driving around in 4x4, and numerous other outdoor based recreations.
Eco Centre `Luke` is a private property.  
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