Dogma real estate agency celebrated 25 years of work


The largest real estate agency in the Republic of Croatia, Dogma nekretnine, celebrated its 25th anniversary. Hotel Bonavia Dogma served the team this year as an ideal combination of business and entertainment. Dogma started working in 1999 and became the leading real estate agency in Croatia. Today, apart from Kvarner, Dogma is also present in Istria, Zagreb, Varaždin and Dalmatia and has 14 branches.

The best agents and the best branch

Every year, including this year, we awarded the best ones - agents of the year, masters of their craft, who do not know working hours, nor difficulties, who solve problems and remain in the memory of many for whom they found their ideal home. This year, as many as six agents of the year were awarded, in different categories. We are proud that Ružica Jurišić and Roberto Bruno Rešetar can boast of the award in the income category, while Nenad Jurković and Aurelija Šemiga had the most sales. We are happy that Lorena Kogej won the most valuable agent category, while Leon Lužija Andrijašević is our young hope, the most successful new agent. The most successful branch of the agency is Dogma Labin. The employees of the branch in Labin were presented with a Smart vehicle as a reward for exceptional results and an additional incentive.

The traditional annual Dogma evening, annual meeting, with good music, entertainment, exchange of experiences and awarding of awards, show that synergy, good relationship with customers, sellers, colleagues and business partners is a key factor in good business.

Dogma and the Association "Srce za nja"

This year, as befits a big anniversary, the party was characterized by a donor character. Namely, through the donation prize raffle, funds were collected for the "Srce za nju" Association, which helps women suffering from chronic, life-threatening diseases. In this way, Dogma marked the beginning of the celebratory year, in the best and most beautiful way possible - by giving support to women who really welcome and need it.

This beautiful gesture would not have been possible without the awards of our dear collaborators and donors, to whom we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts: Mala Galerija Bruketa, Hotel Bonavia, Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort and Spa, VBZ bookstore, Tiskara Igmar, Media centar, SalsaNYRijeka, Restaurant Ferali, Bistro Mornar, Buffet Cocco, Oštarija Štacion, Hervis, Foto Kurti, Men’s Hairdresser Vinko Brajković, Hair Salon Capilli Labin, Rijeka Sport, Pharmacies Prima Pharma Fiorello and our Ivan Ljubičić who donated the main prize – a signed tennis racket!

Quality for the next 25 years

For the beginning of our celebratory year, we are proud to point out again that the quality of our work comes first, as well as the satisfaction of buyers and sellers. The foundation of our business is experience and a professional team, without which such success would not be possible. The story that began 25 years ago in the living room, continued with storms, an unstable market, the world financial crisis and a whole series of aggravating factors. All that made us stronger, smarter, more experienced and, we believe, better.

Branko Papeš also revealed to us what kind of thinking he has going into the year 2024 and the current state of the real estate market

"Dogma enters the New Year bravely, ambitiously and with great expectations. The above is primarily based on previous work, investments in the system, education, colleagues and Dogma’s position on the market as a leader in real estate transactions in the Republic of Croatia. This year, we expect additional business growth, an increase in the number of branches, an increase in the number of agents, additional positioning and strengthening of Dogma’s presence throughout the Republic of Croatia.

Considering the introduction of the euro as the official currency, the entry into the Schengen zone in 2023, it was expected that the aforementioned would be reflected in the real estate market in the form of an increase in the purchase and sale of real estate from foreign clients, especially in locations of interest to them. The above did not happen, on the contrary, the market slowed down, which was already visible at the end of 2022. However, if we compare with the EU markets where there was a drop in sales of 50% or more, the domestic slowdown of approx. 20% in 2023 is excellent.

Despite the aforementioned slowdown in the market, we are still not witnessing a drop in real estate prices. In this year, we expect stabilization of real estate prices and possibly a correction of 5-10%, but not for all real estate and not in all locations. When we talk about the sale and correction of real estate prices, the real estate market will be divided into two parts, primarily related to the location of the property, the quality of construction and decoration of the property. Property owners interested in selling their properties in less attractive locations and properties that have not been invested in for years will have to adjust the price to demand and correct the price of their properties if they want to sell them. While quality real estate in attractive locations will retain its value and will not experience a drop in price. The scenario from 2008 is not realistic to expect, the economic situation in the Republic of Croatia is significantly better and more stable, I want to point out that the real estate market in the Republic of Croatia is currently in the best position compared to the rest of the region, and investing in real estate is still very profitable and safe.
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