Manage all your social networks and IM applications from one app

Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, as well as IM apps like Whats App, Telegram and Slack are a great channel to promote, research and listen to market needs. While working on networks is fun, everyone involved in social media marketing know how time-consuming it can be to prepare, customize, and publish content to multiple social networks, and then communicate through each network and instant messaging app. From now on, this job can be done from just one place, via the fantastic POSTOPLAN social media management app. This social media management application allows scheduling announcements for each network as well as automating activities. It is enough to write a post once and just choose on which social networks we want to publish it.

If you sometimes have no idea for new contnet, the social media management application will also offer you ideas for publishing based on interesting events that happened in the past on that day. Finding and editing pictures for your Facebook and Instagram posts no longer has to be a nightmare. The large image gallery is available to the users, and also a simple photo editor, which allows the application of filters that will optimize each image for each individual social network.

Real estate agencies and other companies can automate the posting on social networks from their RSS feed. has become an official partner of POSTOPLAN, and we recommend this social media management app to all our users.
Open your free account and try the PRO features of this fantastic social media managemnt app.
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